CHS Seniors Declare Big Decisions


In honor of National Decision Day on May 1, Carbon High School’s (CHS) seniors celebrated by announcing what their plans are for after high school.

During the Carbon School Board meeting on Wednesday, May 8, Superintendent Mika Salas spoke during her reports about the thoughtful project that CHS senior counselor Brandi Stamatakis spearheaded with the Class of 2024.

Salas explained that the students were handed a piece of paper, with their name and photo on it, with a single blank line to fill in what their decision was for after graduating from high school. The papers were then arranged on the windows of the library for full display.

Stamatakis also recorded a video of each senior individually stating their name and what they were declaring their plan was after graduation.

Salas concluded her report by expressing her gratitude to Stamatakis on such a thoughtful project.

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