Circles Carbon County Works to Battle Poverty


Circles Stock Photo

During the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon, the Circles program was highlighted. Julie Rosier, Equity and Community Services Director of the Southeastern Regional Development Agency (SERDA), spoke on the program.

Circles is an initiative that provides tools and resources to participants in order to achieve financial stability. “Circles is a program that helps build relationships within the community that inspire and equip families to reach 200% of the poverty guidelines,” SERDA explained.

The program partners participants with “allies,” forming an intentional friendship. The ally provides encouragement and emotional support to the participant as they work to meet their goals to get out of poverty.

“It’s easy to feel that you can’t make the difference when it comes to solving world problems like poverty,” shared SERDA. “Circles provides a practical way to get involved and help families learn to eliminate debt, go back to school, and overcome the challenges that poverty brings, taking us one step further toward achieving that goal.”

Circles is not a quick fix or band-aid, but rather a long-term commitment to learning and growing throughout the years. Participants will learn valuable information on communication, financial literacy, healthy relationships, job skills and much more.

The program is currently looking for participants to join the next round of the program, as well as allies to provide support. Other volunteer opportunities are also in demand, such as helping facilitate meals at meetings or providing training.

“Circles Carbon County is in need of volunteers to befriend local families in need,” shared SERDA. “The volunteers would help these families with their goals toward self-reliance and getting out of poverty.”

For more information on Circles, please contact Rosier at (435) 613-0065 or visit the program’s website.

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