Come See What the Emery County Archives Has to Offer


By Julie Johansen

The Emery County Archives hosted an open house on Wednesday and Thursday in the Emery County administration building in Castle Dale. The purpose of the open house was to introduce the public to the myriad of items they have found, documented and filed.

The archives office has personal histories, oral histories, over 50,000 historic photographs, yearbooks and histories of the schools in Emery County. The Emery County Progress, including editions from 1900 to 2018, have been digitized for easy reference.

In addition, Articles of Incorporation for businesses and municipalities from 1870 to the present are filed in one of their information-filled rooms. The open research area greets visitors as they enter the archives office.

A standing open invitation to all is delivered by the friendly staff. Interested parties can also pursue the archives website at

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