Connor’s Wish


By Sara Price

Connor Newland, a 20-year-old Green River native, suffers from muscle dystrophy. In order to attend high school, Newland required the assistance of aids to assist him with daily tasks. Despite life’s challenges, there was one experience Newland wanted out of life more than anything; a ride in a helicopter.

Staff at the Green River Medical Center listened to Newland and asked Eagle Air Med if they could help fulfill the young man’s wish. Eagle Air Med responded immediately. Newland participated in the Melon Days parade then received his experience of a lifetime.

The crew loaded Newland into the helicopter normally used for emergencies rather than wish flights, but the staff was excited to have him. The Eagle Air Med crew flew him over the Book Cliffs near Green River giving him a view that can only be seen by helicopter. “He can now shut his eyes and see something no one else has seen,” Eagle Air Med crewmember Shannon Odiet stated.

Newland’s flight came to a brief stop allowing the young man time to enjoy the view. Eagle Air Med staff now refers to the landing area as “Connor’s Spot”.

“When I knew we were going off, I closed my eyes real fast and it tickled my tummy,” Newland explained to the helicopter staff. For the Eagle Air Med crew and Connor Newland, this was a flight they will never forget.

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