Dixie 6 Rodeos Underway


By Julie Johansen

It is time for the Dixie 6 rodeos, so rodeo team members are on the trail again. Dixie #1 took place on Friday, Nov. 3 at the Hurricane Arena.

Scoring for Emery included Dalton Allred, first place in bulls; Graycee Mills, fourth in breakaway; Charity Greenhalgh, ninth in goats; and Wyatt Fox, ninth in the light rifle shoot.

For Carbon, Maddison Nielson and Ean Ellis earned an eighth place finish in team roping. Kashley Rhodes, Shalako Gunter and Hayden Tonc took first, fourth and eighth place, respectively, in light rifle.

Dixie #2, on Saturday, Nov. 4, found Allred winning the bull riding again with Will Ekker in second. Gareck Bennett took third in barebacks and Fox earned fifth in the rifle shoot for the Emery team.

For Carbon, Rhodes won the rifle shoot on Saturday while Tonc took fourth. Gunter was also first in the trap shoot for the Carbon team.

The next two weekends will also be in Hurricane at the Washington County Complex for the Dixie #3, #4, #5 and #6 rodeos.

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