Emery Board of Education Hears of New Electronic Learning Programs at Huntington Elementary


By Lexie Huntington and Maegan Butterfield

The Board of Education of the Emery County School District held its regular monthly meeting at Huntington Elementary School on Wednesday evening.

Garth Johnson, principal for Huntington Elementary, spoke to board members about new learning programs beginning at Huntington Elementary. The school’s 330 students as well as teachers will have access to the new electronic programs this year.

The school has 160 iPads housed with an array of programs for learning activities. Students have access to these iPads on numerous occasions throughout the day for learning activities. The school also has 40 iPods with reading programs available where students are able to listen as the text on the screen is read out loud to them.

A new math program that involves games to help connect with children is also being implemented. This program will help students picture what they are adding, multiplying and more. With a visual picture from the program, it will demonstrate and help connect math lessons while learning through games. Also, a program called Near Pod is being used to help teachers and students. Near Pod allows teachers to have access to over 12,000 lesson presentation plans that they can utilize. This program allows teachers to make their own presentation plans to be added to Near Pod for other teachers to access as well.

Johnson expressed his appreciation and gratitude toward his faculty by telling the board members of everything they have achieved so far for the new year. He also thanked the janitors and cafeteria crew for contributing their time and preparing the school for the new year.

Next, the superintendent reported the board had its opening institute and turned out to be very successful. Also, before school started, they lost a beloved teacher, Heather Jacobson and a student, Broc Jacobson. The board extended its sympathy to the family and wish for a speedy recovery for Landon Jacobson. Counselors from the school district and Four Corners Community Behavior Health are at the school to help students that are still trying to heal from the loss.
Another item discussed was the Waterford Grant Graduation of Kindergarten on Wednesday at Huntington Elementary, where 72 kids graduated.


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