Emery Commissioners Conduct County Business


By Julie Johansen

During the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday, Jeff Guymon gave the Safety Minute presentation on phishing emails. This tactic is used to impersonate emails. He cautioned everyone to be careful with emails and to delete or forward suspicious emails the IT department.

The safety gift card awards were next on the agenda. Those receiving gift cards were Dennis Mangum, Kiersten Jensen, Desiree Malley, Denise Reid, Preston Wilson and McKlane Allred. Commissioner Lynn Sitterud remarked it is 1,500+ days with no loss time accidents for Emery County employees.

A representative from Dominion Energy then gave an overview of the natural gas project happening in Green River. At the present time, they are bringing lines from Moab to a station in Green River. They have been canvassing the city checking for other utility lines.

This project should be completed in three to four months and then residents can decided whether to fill propane tanks or hook up to natural gas. The commission thanked Dominion Energy and expressed that this has been a long-awaited service for the people of Green River.

Next, Emery County Business Chamber President Darcey Powell gave the commissioners an update on chamber activities. The Chamber has 13 members and have been busy with various activities, such as Beat The Winter Blues and an awards banquet where various businesses received recognition. They are working to kickstart the Main Street Grant Program again and encourage businesses to apply.

Shannon Hiatt, director for Emery County Travel and Tourism Department, then received approval for the renewal of an agreement between Emery County and Granicus for host compliance services. He also requested permission to apply for an OHV recreation grant. This would make it possible to obtain some equipment needed to build trails. This request was approved.

Next, the Eastern Utah Woman’s Conference asked Emery County to sponsor the flowers for the Woman of the Year Award at the upcoming conference. The commission granted $125 for this request.

Suzanne Anderson, Emery County Archives Director, then requested permission to apply for preservative grants to fund digitizing the Ferron Creek and Reservoir records as well as Huntington Creek Irrigation Company records. Another request was to apply for a small museum grant. These requests were granted by the commission.

Tiffani Baker, Museum of the San Rafael Director, also desired to apply for a grant to improve ADA requirements at the museum. These improvements would include three kiosks lower to the ground, making access easier for those with disabilities.

A business license for BryDee’s Beauty Bar was then approved. This business, owned by BryDee Hansen, will be located in the old Chute Supply Building on the Cleveland highway.

Next, the agreement with the Forest Service and Emery County Sheriff’s Office was amended to provide overtime pay for patrol on the forest.

During the elected officials’ reports, Emery County Sheriff Tyson Huntington reported a drug bust at the bus station in Green River that recovered meth and marijuana. They worked with the Grand County Sheriff’s Office in this operation.

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