Emery County 4-H Showcases Winners


By Julie Johansen

The USU Extension Office of Emery County held a showcase of 4-H winners on Saturday. Various exhibits from 4-H members were on display.

This showcase gave the members a chance to show off their 4-H projects and qualify for the start fair. The event was held in the Castle Dale City Park from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Although many of the exhibits had to be removed due to the windy weather, the youth participated in games and were served refreshments. The following is a list of the participants and winners:

Ethan Mills – Colored Pencil Sketches, dinosaurs, blue ribbon, rosette, state fair

Morgan Mills – Colored Pencil sketches, evening dresses, blue, state fair

                Beaded jewelry, blue, state fair

Wyatt Fox – Glider, blue, rosette, state fair

                Ceramic volcano, blue

                Fine Art, Acrylics, painting of ceiling, blue

Dazi Thatcher – Leadership poster, blue, state fair

Deri Thatcher – Kits, white house and capital metal on tile, blue, state fair

Devlin Thatcher – zucchini muffins, blue, state fair

                Candy, Friendship, blue

                Snacks, Carmel Popcorn, blue

                Painted wood project, 4-H birdhouse, blue

                Kit, Lego, Tomb of the Unknown soldier, blue, state fair

                Vegetables, tomatoes, red

                Fine Art, acrylics, Goad, blue

                Crafts, duct tape wallet, blue

                Poster, livestock, blue, state fair

                Poster, Health and Wellness, blue, Rosette, state fair

Kaz Worwood – Crafts, Paracord Bracelets (3), blue, state fair

                3-D – Dinosaur, blue, state fair

                Natural Resources, Leaf Collection, blue, state fair

Dayton Worwood – Jewelry, beaded necklace and earrings, blue, state fair

                Jewelry, stamped metal bracelet and rings, blue, state fair

Kenzi Brown – sewing, Love Bug pillow, blue, state fair

Emily Roundy – sewing, Mitered Corner Baby Blanket, blue

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