Emery County Commission Hears From Four Corners


By Julie Johansen

Melissa Huntington, representing Four Corners Community Behavioral Health, addressed the Emery County Commissioners in a public hearing during their meeting on Tuesday. She began by stating the assets of the mental health and substance use disorder treatments offered by the entity.

Huntington explained that Four Corners was organized in 1972, meaning it is now 50 years old. She said that they cover the full age spectrum as well as psychiatry. When questioned about the changes they have in place with the mental stability change occurring, she responded that they are hoping for legislative funding for a receiving center this year. They have also began offering virtual and phone services.

Continuing, Huntington said that they never turn anyone away, regardless of insurance or roadblocks. They will even respond by mobile if needed. Comments were also given by citizens who have received assistance from Four Corners as well as an Emery County Sheriff’s Office deputy and the county attorney. The public hearing was then closed and the annual papers endorsing Four Corners were signed by the commissioners.

Also during the meeting, Melodie Hoffman, the Orangeville branch librarian, presented the Safety Minute on the benefits of the Poison Control Center. She recommended that the phone number be kept close to your phone, especially if there are younger ones in your home. Hoffman also cautioned that a call is more important than reading the caution label on the product. She also advised disposing of old drugs as well as having and knowing how to use Naloxone.

Following her presentation, $100 Visa gift cards were drawn to reward county employees that practice safety in the workplace. Recipients were Chris Hennes, Tracy Addley, Kyler Farley, Camille Phillips, Tiffani Baker and Vanessa Justesen. Commissioner Lynn Sitterud commended the county employees for going over three years without a loss time accident.

Next, bids were opened for the Millsite Plunge Pool and Dam Improvements. Two bids were received, including TSJ Construction at $149,822 and Perco Rock at $524,418. The engineer for the project review the bids before it is awarded.

At this time, a motion to leave the regular commission meeting and enter a public hearing was made and approved. Ratification for ARPA Urgent Pandemic Needs Grant Contract #221441 and a letter of agreement between Emery Country Library System and Utah Education Network (UETN) for participation in the consortium for the Emergency Connectivity Fund was given by the commissioners.

The commissioners then approved the parameters resolution for the Castle Valley Special Service District to issue up to $1.2 million in general obligation bonds. This will start the process, then a public hearing will be held before the bonds are issued.

Approval was also given to join with the State of Utah in Interior Board of Lands Appeal (IBLA). This will include the county in the discussion about the Department of the Interior’s proposed 35 miles of closed trails in the southeast part of the county.

To conclude, contract services between Emery County and the Utah Communications Authority was approved. This will aid in officer safety and better communication with other agencies.

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