Emery County Middle Schoolers Come Together for Battle of the Books


A grouping of Canyon View Middle School (CVMS) and San Rafael Middle School’s (SRMS) bookish students met for a friendly showing in the Battle of the Books Competition on Thursday.

Both schools took time to construct three teams that were responsible for reading a total of 10 books from different genres. Once this was complete, the student teams met at SRMS to answer questions on the various books that they had read.

Teams from SRMS took the first and second place spots with a Canyon View Middle School team securing third place. Natalie Pace, Kallee Lake, Allison Johansen and Haivyn Pitchforth made up the first place team, with Zayne Perea, Will Stilson, Sara Stevens and Cheyenne Bingham on the second place team. The third place team was made up of Deri Thatcher, Madi Simmons, Haylie McArthur and Jexton Woodhouse.

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