Emery County Personnel Request Commissioners’ Permission


By Julie Johansen

Sami Johnson, Sheriff’s Office personnel, gave a brief Safety Minute presentation to start the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday, March 19. She cautioned for everyone to practice Situational Awareness, pay attention to your surroundings. Because of 192 days with no loss time accident of any employee, the Safety Gift Cards were presented to Arianna Downard, Jeff Guymon, Robert Riley and Laura Hurdsman.

A public hearing was opened to receive input from the public with respect to the issuance of the Castle Valley Special Service District bonds not to exceed $1,200,000. A question came from the audience as to how that money would be used this year. Jacob Sharp, District Supervisor, answered that there are outdated water lines that need to be removed and reconstructed, also old ponds that need to be redone, plus various curbs and gutters. The hearing was closed and a final bond resolution was approved.

Ratification was given to a resolution of the Board of Commissioners recommending action to the Bureau of Land Management for alternative, public and multiple use on a road-by-road basis. They are recommending the BLM’s Plan D plus, adding 100 more miles of access.

Ten Business Improvement Grants for various county businesses were approved for a total of $185,360. These funds come from various grants and ARPA funds.

Library board vacancies will be advertised to be filled with a representative from Green River, Emery and Ferron. A contract with HUB to advertise the new branding “Life Energized” was approved, as well as continuing advertising with the Utopia TV Marketing. The contract to advertise on the Huntington Billboard owned by Jody and Larry Prettyman for another 12 months and redesigning the billboard also received approval.

Commissioners expressed condolences to the Sitterud Family for their loss this week.

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