Emery High Awards Spartan Reward Prizes, Announces Gold Star Coach


By Julie Johansen

As the Emery High Spartans returned to school after Christmas break, they attended an assembly where the Spartan Reward prizes were presented to students who had Spartan cards entered for a random drawing. The students needed to be present to win the awards for the second term.

A $10 Cold Stone gift card was given to Presley Parker. David Waite, Crew Behling and Treven Gilbert were recipients of $10 Subway cards. Beckham Kelley received a hammock, Beau Stilson was awarded a Thread Wallet and Audrey Livingston was given a speaker. A $25 Amazon card went to Purity Mason while Dixon Peacock won paddles for pickleball. The large prize, a spike ball set, was won by Levi Diamond.

Following the Spartan Reward prize drawing, Emery High Principal Steven Gordon and Athletic Director Jake Atwood announced the Gold Star Coach Award winner as Justin Thornley. This award is presented by the Utah High School Activities Association to a coach who helps promote sportsmanship in the school by being an example and role model to the students he works with and the entire student body. He was nominated by his coaching and teaching peers and the administration of Emery High.

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