Years of Service Awards Presented to Employees of Emery County


By Julie Johansen

The Jan. 2 meeting of the Emery County Commission began with honoring employees of the county with Years of Service Awards. The 25+ years certificate was presented to Carol Cox for her service in the clerk’s office. The 20-year awards went to Becky Jewkes, librarian, and Janalee Luke of the sheriff’s office.

Fifteen-year awards were given to Tammy Tucker and Melody Hoffman, librarians; Merrill Duncan and Dustin Deto, road department; and Shannon Hiatt, Director at the Aquatic Center. Ten-year recipients were Camille Thomas and Susan Hess, librarians; Gary Price, weed and mosquito department; and Mike Grange, sheriff’s office.

Five years of service recognition went to Sherri Jensen and Estelle Grange, librarians; Joel and Kimberly Howes, sheriff’s office; Charlene Jensen, treasurer’s office; Ty Gordon, David Luke and Cody Morris, road department; and Natalie Olsen, commission office.

Another item on the agenda was the approval of a request for proposals for the marketing/rebranding of the new brand for the Emery County Travel Bureau. The new brand, “Life Energized,” was chosen to advertise the culture, heritage and lifestyle of Emery County. It is hopeful that it will bring more business into the cities and towns of the county.

Also during the meeting, the assets of the Emery County Ambulance Fleet were transferred to the new Emery Emergency Medical Special Service District. The board for this special service district is being reorganized and now each city and town will be involved.

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