Emery’s Hearts Are in Restoration


By Julie Johansen

Emery Town is being recognized for their revitalization work on the Emery Pioneer Church and has been chosen as a recipient of the 2024 Community Stewardship Awards. They have been invited to the awards ceremony on Thursday, April 25 with the Preservation Board of Utah. The award announcement stated that among the numerous nominations highlighting exceptional preservation initiatives, individuals and groups from throughout the state their submission stood out.

They have been making huge progress on the revitalization, which is now nearly 70% complete. They are so grateful for the many, many, contributions from big businesses, government entities, small local and surrounding area businesses, and individuals. They have received a generous grant from the Eccles Foundation to help complete the church to its original grandeur and usefulness. They have raised 25% of the match but still need to raise $150,000 by June. They are asking for donations to help them meet this match deadline. The Emery Town Heritage Council works closely with Emery Town and is a volunteer group with a 501c3 designation. Donations can be made at the Emery Town office, P.O. Box 108, Emery, Utah 84522 or Randy’s Service in Emery.

The church is a Utah Historical Site built in 1898-1900. It was dedicated as a Multipurpose Chapel for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on July 17, 1902. A new multipurpose chapel was built in Emery in 1956, then the historic church was purchased by Emery Town in 1967 to be used as a town building and recreational hall. The construction was distinctive and unusual for the turn of the century architecture. It was built with a wood frame sheathed with clapboard and lined with adobe bricks. Much of this is still remaining in the building.

Everyone is invited to come and see the progress they are making and the love they are putting into the church. The belfry was rebuilt in 2019 and the front tower secured, in 2022 the foundation was stabilized by placing 26 helical piers under the foundation. In 2023-24 the basement was stabilized with rock and concrete, interior foundations grouted, electrical, heating and plumbing redone. A small stage, restrooms, and kitchen have been framed in.

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