Family Support and Children’s Justice Center Receives Recognition


The Carbon County Family Support and Children’s Justice Center was given the community spotlight at a luncheon on Thursday. The Carbon County Chamber of Commerce extended the honor at its November event.

Shelley Wright of the center accepted the recognition and took time to speak on the services they offer. The center is known for offering a myriad of services to help children and families during their time of need.

“The Family Support and Children’s Justice Center (FS/CJC) serves our community by helping children and their families build stronger and healthier relationships,” the center shared. “The center is divided among two separate but compatible programs: the Family Support Center and the Children’s Justice Center.”

Some of the services offered by these programs include crisis/respite child care, parent education, home visiting and community outreach services. The center also offers trauma therapy and conducts child abuse investigations.

“We provide a safe, homelike environment where parents can bring children during times of high stress, emergency and conflict,” the center shared. “We coordinate victim assistance support services, and improve better outcomes for children and families.”

While the center offers many services in-house, Wright emphasized that staff can also help connect people to other services in the community that can meet their needs. This means the center is not just a resource agency, but a referral agency as well.

For more information on the Carbon County Family Support and Children’s Justice Center and its services, call (435) 636-3739 or visit its website by clicking here.
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