Fate of Main Street Courthouse Building Still Being Debated


Conducting a night meeting in hopes of drawing a crowd of people with opinions regarding the fate of the Carbon County Courthouse did not work. Only a handful of individuals showed up to voice opinions and concerns about the property.

Better Cities consulting firm has been hired to do a study about uses for the building that will be empty after the new Carbon County Courthouse is built on 100 North. The consultants have been trying to garner community input with an online survey, but so far less than 60 individuals have logged on.

At this time, the leading use seen for the building is a teen center, followed by a recreation center. Also high on the list is a strip mall and restaurants. The sample however, is a very small slice of the total residents in the county.

High on a list of what not to put at the location is more office space and simply leaving it vacant..

Within the small crowd, debate flowed freely and many ideas were tossed around. Alan Peterson was pretty adamant that the county should sell the property to private investors. Peterson said the county already struggles to maintain the buildings and facilities it already has.

All three county commissioners were present to listen to the debates. Recreation for teens, a rec center and open space were talked about with great detail. There is no decision of whether the best use will be to sell the building and property, keep the building and try to find a use for it, or tear it down and use the property for other purposes.

After about an hour and a half, the meeting wound down and the consultants vowed to continue gathering more community input. There is still time for residents to take the online survey and voice their opinions about the use of the building or property.

To complete the survey, visit www.bettercity.us/carbon-county/

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