FCCBH Bolsters Carbon School District to Prevent Underage Drinking


Four Corners Community Behavioral Health (FCBH) is making their mark on the windows and walls of three schools within Carbon School District (CSD) in an effort to prevent underage drinking.

FCCBH Prevention Coalition Coordinator Alysa Potter presented their most recent community campaign at the Carbon School Board meeting that was held on April 10. Potter explained that after analyzing the data from the 2021 Student Health and Risk Prevention (SHARP) survey, 45% of the youth that reported using alcohol, reported doing so with their parents permission or a friend’s parents permission.

Following the data from the survey, Potter quickly got to work. She approached Carbon School District’s Superintendent Mika Salas in hopes of implementing a campaign within the schools to inform parents of the risks of underage drinking.

FCCBH partnered with Parents Empowered, the state-wide campaign to eliminate underage drinking, and received a $10,000 grant to create and install messages within CSD. Potter worked with the principals of Mont Harmon Middle School (MHMS), Carbon High School (CHS) and Helper Middle School (HMS) to obtain the best location to gather the parents attention.

Potter explained that with parents frequenting the schools for activities and sporting events, this was an ideal place to reach them all while giving the schools a fresh update.

MHMS’s portion of the campaign will be placed on one of the entrances to the school with the blurb, “Pirates protect their treasure”. It will also include a treasure chest filled with treasure and two brains urging the students to not drink and protect their brains.

CHS window wrap will be installed on the Point Room with the saying, “Dino Wise: Roar against underage drinking,” with facts on the risks of underage drinking.

In HMS, a banner will be hung above the gym saying, “Parents are the #1 reason kids don’t drink underage. Talk often about your clear no alcohol rules.” The other portion of Helper’s campaign will be located on the front windows of the office, expressing that underage drinking can crush a ram’s dreams. The last graphic of the campaign will be located on the windows of the principal’s office with an explanation of how setting underage drinking rules makes a difference.

Potter concluded her portion of the meeting by expressing her gratitude for being able to complete the project by thanking Superintendent Salas as well as MHMS principal Seth Allred, CHS principal Jarad Hardy and HMS Principal Nikki Vasquez. The campaign will begin installation within the next week.

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