Ferron City Abandons and Vacates a City Road


By Julie Johansen

Mayor Trent Jackson called the Ferron City Council meeting to order on Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. The consent agenda was approved and a vote was taken on an ordinance to abandon a street with the Ferron City limits. Approval was given to the ordinance, which will vacate and abandon 500 North Highway 10 to 100 East. A public hearing was held for comments at last month’s meeting before this action was taken.

A discussion about the recent audit and risk assessment was led by city recorder Barbara Bowles. She reported that the auditors had strongly suggested that Ferron City establish an audit committee. Possible names for the committee were suggested and the council felt that it would be advantageous for the city to have a committee.

Following the recommendation of councilman Ray Peterson, trip hazard sidewalk repair was approved. This will be one time contract and cost the city $9,200. Additionally, a contract with Emery School District to help repair the sidewalk on the south side of the Ferron Elementary in the amount of $500 was unanimously approved.

A $50 donation to ETV News for the Veterans Day guide received approval. A vote was taken to establish a resolution to conduct electronic meetings, which also received unanimous approval. A contract with Ferron City and CityWide, a marketing firm for Great Life/Golf Course, was approved upon a detailed invoice of services provided.

A complaint the city received about street lights was discussed, but moving the light was unreasonable and the council decided to contact the power company about some type of shield. Council meeting minutes will now be on the state public notice website but anyone having trouble accessing this site can visit city hall for a printed copy. There will also be a link on the city website.

During the mayor and council reports, the mayor spoke about the list of projects for the city that he presented to the Castle Valley Special Service District. The water line will receive top priority, but some additional curb and gutter will also be done next year.

Mayor Jackson also noted the importance of the flashing speed signs on Canyon Road and the reports he has received from those. An increased law enforcement presence has also been noted on that street. Consideration for Molen Road was also discussed.

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