FFA Farm Field Day Attended by Young Students


By Julie Johansen

Elementary students from western Emery County were taught the process of producing food by the Emery High Future Farmers of America (FFA) on Tuesday. The Blue Sage Arena had several learning stations, each manned by FFA members, and the students rotated to learn what each had to offer.

One station showed the farm equipment used to prepare the ground for planting. There were pigs, goats and lambs, cows and calves, and bees. Explanations on how to grow the animals, how various products come from them and the importance of these products in each student’s diet was explained.

The students were given doughnuts and then taught how that donut was made from the growth of the seeds to the finished edible product. At another station, the different kinds of pizzas were introduced with instruction of how each product on the pizza was grown and how long it took to grow. Students were then treated to the completed pizza. The importance of horses in the agriculture world was also demonstrated and explained.

Beef ambassadors from Utah State University played games to test and assess the knowledge the students had gained. USU Extension Agent Rowe Zwahlen was also on hand to explain the 4-H program to the students while Emery High FFA Advisor Justin Thornley was directing the learning.

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