Fiber Update from Emery Telcom


The following is a statement from Emery Telcom regarding fiber upgrades currently underway in Emery County:

Dear Valued Customer,

Emery Telcom is in the process of installing fiber upgrades throughout our community. The upgrades are designed to provide faster Internet speeds, better television products and a wider range of services to Emery Telcom customers.

Emery Telcom has partnered with XL Cable and Fiber-Tel to help expedite the installation process. Any XL Cable or Fiber-Tel trucks in the area are helping improve Emery Telcom’s fiber plant.

Builds in Green River, Cleveland, Elmo and Huntington are currently under construction or will be starting construction soon.

If you have any questions or concerns please call, 435-748-2223. В Thank you for patience throughout this process, and thank you for your continued support of Emery Telcom.


Emery Telcom

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