Floods Impact Water Treatment for PRWID Customers


Customers of the Price River Water Improvement District (PRWID) received an announcement on Monday evening with a plea to cease all outside watering.

According to the announcement, heavy rains have resulted in debris flowing into the Price River. This has prevented PRWID from treating water from the Price River and has resulted in lowered storage tank levels.

“We are asking all users of the culinary cater system of Price River Water Improvement District to stop all outside watering with culinary water and reduce the use of water wherever possible until Thursday, August 4, 2021,” PRWID shared.

The area received significant rain on Monday, resulting in a flash flood warning for the area of Bear Canyon on Highway 6. Debris impacted the river as well as the highway as rain moved through the burn scar of the recent Bear Fire.

“We are hoping that the river will clear and we will be able to treat water while filling our tank reservoirs soon,” PRWID concluded.

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