Green River City Council Applauds Watermelon Crawl, Looks Forward to Dirt Bike Rally


The Green River City Council met on Tuesday for its regularly scheduled meeting. The council opened the meeting with a discussion on the city sponsoring the Public Law 566 planning effort, which was approved.

According to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, “the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program (PL 83-566) provides both technical and financial (project implementation) assistance to help urban and rural communities protect, improve, and develop water and land resources in watersheds of up to 250,000 acres (approximately 390 square miles).”

The council then approved engineering fee estimates for scope of work and design of the west drainage for Green River City. Also receiving approval was a donation to Green River PACT to help fund the Green River High School grad night. 

Following this, there was a report on the Watermelon Crawl OHV event, with positive feedback from the council members. Coming up on April 14-16 is the second annual Green River Dirt Bike Rally. The city has organized an obstacle course so that pro rider Rich Larsen can teach a technical riding clinic to the rally participants. 

The next Green River City Council meeting will be held on May 10 at 7 p.m.

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