Green River Homecoming Game


Friday night was another electrifying night of basketball and fun in Green River.

The Whitehorse Raiders and Lady Raiders traveled for hours to battle the Pirates and Lady Pirates. В The first game was the Lady Pirates vs. the Lady Raiders. В The game was a nail biter for everyone. В The first quarter ended with Green River on top 21-19, but by half time Whitehorse took the lead. В The excitement held up with a tie at the end of the third 50-50. В The fourth quarter was fast paced, but Whitehorse took the lead with Green River scrambling to catch up. Whitehorse was victorious with a final score of 72-66.

The second game, Pirates vs. Raiders was a different story. В It was a fast paced game with the Pirates leading the entire game. В The score at the end of the first quarter was 20-8 with the Pirates in the leadwhich continued on into halftime. В By the third, the score was Pirates 57, Raiders 35. В The game ended with Green River prevailing 77-44.

It was also the Homecoming game and at half time Homecoming Royalty took center court with their families. В It was an impressive sight as the following royalty were crowned and honored: В Pirate Queen is Jamie Johnson, Pirate King is Zack Shaffer, Duchess is Sydney Thayn, Duke is Colten Davis, Countess is Autumn Gardner, Count is Jon Mendez, Lady is Cassidee Moore, Lord is Joe Serafin, Jester is Maribel Escalante, Joker is Tyler Hunt.

The next home game will be Friday, February 1.


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