Helper City Approves Criminal Service with Tristan Thomas


The Helper City Council discussed the possible approval of a contract for criminal services with Tristan Thomas during its meeting last week. Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman explained that the former city attorney, Dominique Kiahtipes, recently resigned.

Kiahtipes suggested to the mayor, as a cost-saving measure, to divide the criminal work from the civil work. The mayor agreed that this would be more cost-effective and better in general, as Kiahtipes had been overtaxed doing both.

Thomas was recommended to Mayor Peterman and she met with him to discuss the possibility. Currently, Thomas also provides criminal services to other local cities. He was present virtually during the meeting to present on the criminal services and gave some background information, stating he has been in the practice of law since 2018.

The mayor did state that they are still in search of a civil attorney, and that they have pursued some, but are struggling to find a good fit. The civil attorney would be the one that attends city council meetings, drafts ordinances, review contracts and conducts other similar work.

The proposed fee presented to Helper City by Thomas is a flat rate and the contract is for the length of one year. After some discussion by the council, the services and contract were approved.

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