Holiday Kits Needed for Carbon Caring for Kids


Carbon Caring for Kids is looking to provide local youngsters with delicious food for the holiday season. Price Chapel signed up to sponsor 100 kits for Christmas break, meaning that the program is in need of 53 additional kits to meet the needs of Carbon County youth.

Each kit contains a box of cereal, five microwavable Chef Boyardee meals, four tuna or chicken and crackers of any flavor, six to 10 fruit cups, four applesauce pouches or cups, eight granola bars, eight to 10 individual snacks (a variety, if possible), and one peanut butter and one jelly (no glass, if possible).

Those that are interested in sponsoring local children would buy the items listed, pick up bags at Marcy Loveless’ home, organize the items into a kit and drop the kits off by Wednesday, Dec. 7. Loveless lives at 1551 West Cedar Drive in Price.

“You will need to double bag [the kits] so they are stronger,” Loveless explained. “Grab double the amount of kits that you signed up for. You can also transfer the food over to the bags when you drop them off.”

Loveless explained that, following this, a group will add bread, fruit and milk to the kits. She thanked all that participate and concluded by stating that the community is amazing.

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