Huntington City Considers Changes to Zoning


By Julie Johansen

The Huntington City Council meeting on Wednesday began with a moment of silence to remember a former mayor, Vernell Rowley, who recently passed away.

A request from Utah Power and Light Credit Union for a donation to help with care packages for Emery County nursing homes was then approved in the amount of $200.

The council voted to remove the word “the” from the Huntington City trademark “Gateway to the San Rafael Swell” upon the recommendation of attorney Bateman.

An amendment to the city employee’s handbook to change bereavement days allowed from two days to four days and to add a national holiday of Juneteenth was approved as well next year’s calendar schedule. City council meetings will continue on the third Wednesday of each month except in June, when it will be moved to Tuesday because of the added holiday. Planning and zoning meetings will also continue on the first Tuesday of each month except in November, which will be election day.

Patrick Fehlberg from the planning and zoning committee spoke to the council about second dwellings on residential lots. He gave the suggestions from planning and zoning regarding guidelines for separate detached buildings as well as additions to existing dwellings. He asked for the council’s feeling and recommendations. The size of the lots and set back requirements were discussed. Fehlberg remarked that duplexes and fourplexes are already allowed. The council felt that they were headed in the right direction but questioned utility installments.

Fees for business licenses and animal control violations were then discussed. Huntington City Zoning Administrator Gary Arrington suggested rates and the council discussed these suggestions. These fees will be resolved as notices for the new year will be mailed soon. The decision was that they should be flexible, but consistent and constant. Mayor Leonard Norton said a Board of Adjustments will be set up by the council.

The mayor then announced Huntington City’s Christmas party on Dec. 7 at 5 p.m. at the firehouse with a drive through. He also announced the box for letters to Santa by city hall. These letters will be answered on YouTube. Councilmember Miller reminded that the Youth City Council will be delivering Thanksgiving boxes again this year.

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