Huntington Fire Chief Recommended for Reappointment


By Julie Johansen

Hunter Winch, training officer and representative for the members of the Huntington City Volunteer Fire Department, recommended the appointment of the Chase Majors as the fire chief for another four years.

Winch began his recommendation by thanking the six active members of the department for their time and effort in their countless volunteer hours of service to the community. He added they are always looking for more individuals from the public to join their team.

Winch then outlined several key factors for consideration of the nomination of Majors for fire chief. He began with his set of certifications, including Firefighter 1 and 2, Hazmat and Red Card, and his deep understanding of fire safety and emergency management. Winch also spoke of his unwavering dedication to Huntington City shown by the countless hours of service and his ability to serve and lead the community and fire department in challenging situations.

“Majors has also secured and managed several grants, demonstrating his ability to navigate administrative processes to keep the department well equipped,” Winch said.

He concluded by stating they are confident that under Major’s leadership, the fire department will continue to protect and serve the community with dedication and distinction.

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