Sabrina Carter Named the 2023 Rural Provider of the Year


Photo Courtesy of the RHAU

The Rural Health Association of Utah (RHAU) has announced Sabrina Carter, FNP-BC, of Price as the recipient of the 2023 Rural Provider of the Year Award.

Carter has been serving both Carbon and Emery counties as an Advanced Practice Nurse and is the founder and owner of Positive Pathways. She works in medication management for patients that struggle with mental health disorders.

“Sabrina has shown unparalleled dedication and resourcefulness to meet the needs of her community,” the RHAU shared. “Recently, Sabrina volunteered to participate in a small group of clinics that are working to implement innovative new substance use treatments in rural Utah, including contingency management. Sabrina’s ability to plow through the challenges of a new contingency management clinic and her willingness to be creative in prize management has been outstanding.”

Carter has also acted as a consortium member with the Utah Rural Opioids Health Care Consortium (UROHC) for over five years and has been dedicated in all that she does. The RHUA stated that Carter embodies the heartfelt dedication of so many providers that choose to make rural Utah their home.

The RHAU Rural Provider of the Year Award acts as a recognition for an exemplary healthcare professional that has demonstrated exceptional dedication, a profound impact on healthcare delivery within rural Utah communities and outstanding clinical skills.

This prestigious award celebrates the provider’s commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by rural populations, showcasing their unwavering efforts to ensure access to high-quality medical care. Through innovative practices, compassionate patient care, and a deep understanding of local needs, the awardee has become a beacon of excellence in rural healthcare,” said the RHAU. 

It was stated that this recognition not only honors outstanding achievements, but also highlights the recipient’s role as a vital healthcare partner in improving the well-being of individuals and families in underserved areas. This is something that Carter was recognized as being very deserving of receiving.

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