Letter to the Editor: Animal Abuse


My name is Joanna Vatsis, I was born in Price, Utah. I currently live in Dallas, Texas. My sister, my cousins and I own property in Utah and pay taxes there.

Any person who is responsible for the welfare of animals and decides that they can exist on 1/2 of cup of food a day, is less than animal in their care. Perhaps that person’s salary should be minimized so that all they can afford to eat a 1/2 of cup of food a day. Let’s see how quickly they change their mind.

My grandfather had sheep in Price and depended on the dogs for his livelyhood. I have had dogs forever and I cannot imagine feeding any one of them with the intent to starve them to death. The person who has made this ruling, is himself in need of mental health counseling.

I have three bernese mountain dogs. I cook three pounds of turkey everyday, plus kibble and vegetables. Not even the one on a diet gets 1/2 cup a day! The person making that decision has been placed in a position beyond his or her capacity. In all due respect!

Joanna Vatsis, LCSW, LSOTP

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