Local Archers Aim Well at Nationals


Stock photo courtesy of the CCSD

The 2023 NASP Western Nationals Archery Tournament was hosted on April 28 and 29, with many archers from the Carbon School District (CCSD) competing.

For the younger grades, in the elementary boys, there was a ranking from one to 144. Elementary girls saw a ranking of one to 128.

Once again, Castle Heights Elementary (CHE) performed outstandingly, with team one earning first place out of 18 teams in the IBO 3D challenge. Team two took 11th out of 18 teams. Finally, overall in nationals, CHE team one ranked third out of 13. The top five team scorers out of 204 archers were Drew Arthur (11th), Colton Steele (15th), Jaide Vasquez (39th), Chet Fredrickson (40th) and Sebastian Thomas (53rd).

Other CHE competitors were Jace Bosone, Andrew Seeley, Kenji Kinoshita, Warrick Way, Teagan Steele, Brayton Brady, Stefany Salguero, Demi Smith, Lucas Vuksinick, Kaizyn Hansen, Jocelyn Brinkerhoff, Maximus Johnson, Lola Lasslo, Gavin Thayn, Trevin Curtis, Bridger Christensen, Kheyanuah Warman-Koffard, Addisyn Lessar and Tucker Hanson.

Creekview Elementary School (CVE) took eighth as a team. Hunter Cowley wowed the crowd by once again earning the first place out of 204 archers in the boys’ competition. Other top scorers for CVE were Kelton Carlile (32nd), Ridgely Lewis (73rd), Landon Merrill (78th) and Cash Mabbutt (84th).

In the IBO 3D Challenge, Sally Mauro Elementary (SME) team one ranked 14th out of 18 teams. Deagan Westover was the top finished for Sally Mauro with a rank of 41. He was joined by Kenleigh Rigby (63), Luis Valencia (77), Jaylah Metelko (80) and Jonah Penilla (83). Other archers for SME were Porter Marshall, Harley Lansing, John Lewis, Peyton Howell, Judah Baham, Ryley Jewkes and Daxton Ray.

That concluded the elementary competitors for the Carbon School District. The rankings for the middle grades were one to 377 for the boys and one to 313 for the girls. In the high school teams, rankings were one to 343 for girls and one to 344 in boys. In the upper grades, there were competitors from both Mont Harmon Middle School (MHMS) and Carbon High School (CHS).

MHMS scored well once again, with the middle team one ranking second out of 27 teams at nationals and second out of 28 teams in the IBO 3D Challenge. Middle team two was successful in ranking eighth out of 27 teams. The top five Pirates were Spencer Pitcher (5th), Madisen Donathan (12th), Jantz Greenhalgh (15th), Savannah Lundgreen (16th) and Lexi Cowley (25th).

Joel Seeley of middle team one also earned 13th out of 74 archers in the Centershot Nationals Bullseye Championship. The reamaimder of the MHMS team consisted of Michael Weber, Kortland Sinclair, Tru Brown, Laycie Gregersen, Alizah Trostle, Brynlee Tullis, Jacen Urbanik, Carter Abbott, Avyelle Davis, Cole Arthur, Ashlyn Slaughter, Joe Christensen, Grayson Sherman, Axel Kranendonk, Sarah Lasslo, Kaeda Wheeler-Vasquez, Aleece Ardohain, Bracken Hanson, Carter Jenson, Landon Sackett, Ivy Blanton, Trevin Thorne, Lanaya Pitcher, McKenzie Fredrickson, Caden Steele, Lola Braby, Jerusha Watson, Raigen Scovill, Bryken Preston, Dayton King, Colin Lancaster, Evan Swinburne, Haley Jones, Gabriella Bonaquisto, Walker Lamb, Zane Richens, Ben Stewart, Nancy Cox, Matt Prichard, Damien Gabrys, Bryker Sackett and Louis Donaldson.

For the Carbon High School (CHS) Dinos, team one ranked 10th out of 36 teams. The Lady Dinos on the team dominated the top five rankings, featuring Maggie Truman (4th), Bayleigh Sinclare (27th), Cheyanne Slaughter (70th) and Stella Feik (99th). Dino Breydan Jensen joined them to round out the top five with 102.

Other Dinos on the team were Seth Jensen, Dallin Humes, Tanner Greenhalgh, Easton Humes, Trayven Gray, Jenna Jeffery, Kenzie Morgan, Emma Anderson, Mason Marrill, Zeke Torres-Coca, Kayson Petterson, Megan Tucker, Janyssa Wadley, Kasia Earl, Kolten Wilkinson, Justus Clark, Kodi Sommer, Shalako Gunter and Skilynn Sommer.

Those that qualified are invited to the World Championships, which is slated to take place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on June 8-10.

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