Local Consent Discussed by Helper City Council


The Helper City Council was visited by Hollie Stapley on Thursday evening to discuss possible local consent for an upcoming event at the Helper Museum. Stapley is a board member for the museum and she explained that they are planning a Clue night in March to raise funds.

This will be a mystery night type of event and Stapley said they are providing appetizers, food and a Clue-style game. In addition to this, they wish to serve wine and beer. Stapley’s visit was to seek consent to obtain the liquor license for the event.

Local consent was also discussed by the council for Helper Brewing. While consent had previously been approved, a change of license was being requested as the decision was made to make the establishment a full restaurant rather than a tavern and limited restaurant.

This way, the whole space is family-friendly and there is not a need to separate the sections so severely. When asked on an opening date, it was stated that the owners are optimistic to open sometime in March.

Both local consent requests were ultimately approved by the council.

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