Local Man Sentenced in Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Case


In early June, local authorities were informed of a possible illegal relationship between 32-year-old Ronald Holcomb and an underage female.

Though the relationship was initially denied by the victim, it was acknowledged that they had started a friendship recently. While the officer spoke with the victim and mother, eventually it was disclosed that Holcomb and the underage party had exchanged inappropriate photos before engaging in sexual intercourse more than once.

While interviewing the victim, a text came through to her phone from Holcomb encouraging her to delete the messages exchanged between the two of them. In the meantime, Holcomb had allegedly contacted dispatch to inquire if police were looking for him.

The interviewing officer then made contact with Holcomb, who was reported to initially deny any sexual interactions with the minor. Eventually, the officer stated that Holcomb admitted to sexual activities, leading to intercourse, with the victim. Holcomb reportedly believed that the female was 18 years old.

His phone was seized for evidence, and he was apprehended by the officer. Holcomb was initially charged with a count of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, dealing in materials harmful to a minor, sexual exploitation of a minor and tampering with a witness.

Holcomb has since faced a series of court hearings for the charges. On Sept. 14, Holcomb was charged with dealing in materials harmful to a minor and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. He was sentenced to two terms not exceeding five years in the Utah State Prison. However, both prison terms were suspended.

Based on the conviction of tampering with a witness, a Class A Misdemeanor, Holcomb was sentenced to a term of 364 days, though the sentence was suspended for that charge as well. Holcomb has a restitution amount of $651.47 plus interest and was placed on probation for 48 months.

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