Local Students Compete in the Southeastern Utah Sterling Scholar Competition


Emery High School's Sterling Scholars

Sterling Scholar students from Carbon, Emery and Green River High Schools competed at the Southeastern Utah Sterling Scholar competition on Monday, March 22.

For Carbon High School (CHS), Hunter Heath was the winner in Social Science, while Katie Jones was the winner in business. Madalyn Johnson was the winner for English and PJ Howa took the win for forensics. Ryan Brady rounded out the CHS wins in World Language.

Dino Amelia Thatcher was a runner-up for Visual Arts, joined by Blake Grundy, a runner-up for music. These students were joined by Computer Tech runner-up Dylan Stead and Science runner-up Raegan Worley, as well as Easton Horsley, runner-up for Mathematics.

CHS continued their placements with Kayla Wilson, who was a runner-up in Dance, and Ryker Childs, a runner-up for Drama & Vocal. Finally, Carson Anderson of CHS was a nominee for Skills & Tech.

The Emery High (EHS) Spartans joined in on the fun, with Haley Guymon take the win for Music, joined by Luke Stilson, the winner for Math, and Braden Howard, who was the winner in Computer Technology. Wade Huggard was a Social Science runner-up, joined by fellow runner-up Shaylee Grange in Skilled and Technical Sciences.

Dani Jo Thatcher, FACS, and Allison Thomas, Forensics, were also EHS runner-ups. The nominees for EHS were Cannon Sharp (English), Jannika Beagley (Visual Arts), Kathryn Christensen (Science), Bethany Justice (Business), Kaylee Durrant (Theater and Vocal Performance) and Madalyn World (Dance).

Finally, for the Green River Pirates, Ethan Johnson and Angelique Cordingley competed in the Social Science and English categories, respectively. The Pirates stated that they were honored for the selection to compete and had a great time while there.

Each student now qualifies for scholarships based on their nominations. Winners and runner-ups will receive a second scholarship in addition. Winners received a $2,500 scholarship while the runner-ups received a $1,000 scholarship that goes toward the schooling of their choice.

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