May the Odds be Ever in Carbon High’s Favor


With December 2012 nearing closer, the students of Carbon High have Dooms Day on their minds, but what started as a game has become more serious.

At the end of October 104 students were given wristbands and assigned a number. They were then texted another number, which would give them the number of the wristband they had to steal off of another person. This game is being called the Apocalypse game around the school and has been modeled after the popular book – made movie, “The Hunger Games”. This activity was organized as a fundraiser for student government.

The game has been extremely successful however Friday night, things got out of hand when a group of students tracked down a wristband. The students tracked the band, and the student who was wearing it, to the parking lot of Smith’s grocery store. The students caused a scene while trying to obtain the bracelet, leading to confused Smith’s customers informing the police of the incident. However, the school and its student council took quick action in changing the rules in order to make sure nothing like that happened again.

“Every student involved was spoken to and we are doing everything we can to make sure that the game is played safely, but that we’re still able to have fun” said a member of the student government, who has played an active part in setting up this fundraiser and seeing it through.

After Friday’s incident certain rules were applied immediately:

1. No Violence! It’s not needed

2. You must engage others one on one. You are only allowed to go after the bracelet you were assigned

3. No illegal activity

4. Unfairness. If you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to others.

Each wristband cost $5, raising a total of $520, which will be put toward the funding of upcoming dances, a school store that is in the works, and Christmas activities that the school is working on for the community.

The amount of students still in the game is down to roughly 80 after nearly two weeks of playing. When the game ends, the last man (or lady), standing will receive 10% of the profits made from the fundraiser.


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