Mont Harmon Pep Rally Celebrates Pi-Day


Carbon School District Press Release

On Friday, March 17, Mont Harmon students and staff gathered in the gymnasium for their winter pep rally and Pi-Day assembly. The Mont Harmon cheerleaders kicked things off with the school roll call. After a lackluster start, Principal Seth Allred invited Mont Harmon faculty and staff to the floor to help encourage enthusiasm. With their help, the cheer team had the gymnasium on its feet yelling at the top of their lungs, “PIRATES, PIRATES! GO, GO, GO!”

From there, teacher and coach Jordan Blanc congratulated the boys’ sports teams for being regional champions in every sport this year. After which, each of the school’s sports teams were recognized for their accomplishments this year.

Following the sports teams’ recognition, Mont Harmon Student Government Advisor April Buscarini took the floor to introduce the main event. As a fundraiser for student government and a celebration of Pi Day (March 14: 3.14), the student government members gave the student body the opportunity to donate money toward getting their “favorite” teacher or staff member a pie in the face.

The top five earners in the fundraiser were Mr. Fincher, Mrs. Marie Leonard, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Hamaker. Zander Carrillo’s dad used to work with Mr. Fincher and so requested the honor of putting a pie into his face. Kelsie Palmer kept getting other students to put money in Mrs. Hamaker’s jar – she really wanted to see her pied! Konlee Cowan is this year’s student body president and wanted to pie Mr. Brown. Curtis Allen (who is a member of student government) pied his mom, Mrs. Allen; he was also telling everyone to put money in her jar. Finally, Tain Varner is the student government secretary this year and asked to pie Ms. Marie. In a fun turn-about, each of those teachers earned the right to pie their pie-ers, which led to even more hilarity than was already present.

Following the student-teacher pie-ing, Mrs. Hinkins convinced the student body to bully Principal Allred into getting a pie in the face as well. To everyone’s amusement, the other teachers who had gotten a pie in the face took the opportunity of Allred’s temporary blindness to also pie him and just straight-up spray him with some of the remaining Reddi-Wip. However, his agreement to getting a pie proved to be strategic as he again whipped the gymnasium into a chorus of laughter and agreement that because all of the other teachers got to pie their pie-ers, he could as well. This led to the conclusion of the Pi-Day assembly as Mrs. Hinkins took a pie to the face.

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