Mont Harmon Student Government Does Radio Interview


Carbon School District Press Release

Mont Harmon’s student government advisor, April Buscarini, took two representatives from the school’s student government to the Castle Country Radio Station for an interview. Below is an excerpt from the article on the Castle Country Radio Station website.

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“The student body officers meet each day for a leadership class where they plan activities/events for the school. “We are very fortunate because we have a Student Government class period every day, so I get to be with them for an hour every single day, which opens up a lot of doors to doing a lot of things for our school and our community. We just recently walked down to where the Christmas Tree Regalia is going to be held and helped clean the windows in that building, so we like to reach out to the community to see what we can do to help them as well,” said Mrs. Buscarini. This was a way for the Student Government to give back to the community.

Members of the student government get to plan several events and activities for the student body. Student Body President Konlee Cowan spoke on her experience, “I like having responsibility and I like being able to be a leader. I don’t know, I like making plans for things and helping like our community and our teachers and stuff.” This is her final year at Mont Harmon and she hopes to continue being a member of Student Government when she moves on to the high school level next year.”

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