Mystery at the Museum


By Mrs. Mike O’Shea

Saturday night in the city of Helper was great fun. The Helper Museum put on a “tour” of the facility that resembled the game of Clue. The group of 72 attendees was assembled into groups of four and had the task of finding the clues to the murder mystery, the weapon, the room and the murderer. The first three groups that turned in their guesses were awarded a prize of the actual game of Clue.

Hollie and Cole Stapley were the masterminds of this fundraising event, with the help of museum director Roman Vega, Isbelle Vega and Ethan Sharp. Most of the attendees were dressed in period attire and enjoyed the beverages and refreshments that were provided. This was a perfect time to see all the improvements that have been made and to enjoy the rich history of our community.

All monies received will go directly to the museum.

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