Names to be Added to Angel of Hope Statue


The Angel of Hope statue, which is located at the Cliffview Cemetery in Price, was a collaborative effort that began in 2018 as a way for the community to commemorate their loved ones.

Valorie Marietti recently announced that they are gearing up to add more names to the statue. She expressed that it has been a long road and they are steadily progressing. There are three concrete platforms that have been poured and should be completed within the week.

Currently, there are only enough names for one wall, meaning that the other two platforms will not be getting walls at this time. Those that would like to add a name can do so at the price of $100 per name.

There is an account at Eastern Utah Community Credit Union under the Angel of Hope Carbon/Emery. Those that make a deposit should have the teller add the name in a note and check the spelling of the name. The deadline to add names to this wall is July 31.

The names that are down to be added at this time are Karen Sue Birch, Shawn Dell Cloward, Autumn Rain Urban, Ivy Valerie Martinez, Navi Rhenlee Hackwell, Diana Lynn Lacotta, ShyAnn Dawn LaCotta, Baby H, Evan Michael Burrows, Patti O’Neil, Sidnee Krajnc, Zachery Payton, Paul D’Ambrosio, Alex Yoklovich, Baby Girl Peterson, Daniel Buzzer Bee, Nathan Navarro, James & Janet Maestas, Holly Payton Fox, Kenzlee Marie Cook, Abigail Olivia Elaine Sartori, Joseph Herrera, Mary Linda Herrera, Mary Helen Herrera, Westbrook, Albert P. Oppocher Jr. “Abby”, Scotty Ryan Littlejohn and Jaydon Landon Rigby.

These names have also been listed on the Angel of Hope Statue of Carbon/Emery County’s Facebook page and Marietti encouraged people to visit the page for clarification.

“Our community should visit the page and check the spelling of the names,” stated Marietti. “If their loved one’s name is not on the list or is misspelled, please have them contact me ASAP.”

Marietti also stated that there have been a number of individuals that helped pull weeds at the statue. Marietti has personally spent over 15 hours pulling weeds and she expressed her appreciation that time was spent helping her. She wished to thank the community members that volunteer their time.

Those that have questions and would like to obtain more information on the Angel of Hope statue may contact Marietti at (435) 820-8384.

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