New Council Members for Ferron City


By Julie Johansen

Ferron City Recorder Barbara Bowles administered the oath of office to new Ferron City Council members Laramie Morgan, Vance Brown and returning councilman Ray Peterson as the January city council meeting began on Wednesday. Dell Mead was also reappointed as the fire chief for Ferron City.

A motion to enter into public hearing was then approved. The purpose of the hearing was to discuss the rezoning of 100 North at 100 East then west to 100 West then north to 200 North then east to 100 East then south to 100 North. The purposed rezoning is from H1 (highway commercial) to CC1 (central commercial).

Another parcel of land was also being considered for rezoning from H1 to R1-7500 (residential). This description was 200 North at 100 East west to 100 West then north to 300 North then east to State Street then north to 400 North then East to 100 East then back to 200 North.

It was explained that these changes would not affect taxes nor change addresses, but would allow for residential housing and change nonconforming lots. What was already in these areas would be grandfathered in and not changed. The hearing was closed and regular meeting resumed. The ordinance will be voted on during the next meeting.

Jared Howes reported on the newly-established Emery Emergency Medical Special Service District and the transfer of assets to the district. Howes is the vice chairman of the new district. He spoke about the advance EMT class now in session and said that a basic class is expected to start in the fall.

Approval of a $175 donation to the Southeastern Utah Jr. Livestock Show was approved. It was also decided to use the ordinary four-hour call out allowance for on-call maintenance workers instead of a stipend. City council assignments given from Mayor Jackson were all accepted. A vacancy on the planning and zoning committee will be advertised, hoping for someone to fill the vacancy on that board.

Discussion then turned to the problems with plumbing under the city hall and the odors causing medical emergency in the building. Snow’s Heating and Air, plumbing division, made an inspection and gave the city a bid to redo the old plumbing that had eroded due to settling. The bid was for $9,086. The council would like to have received more bids, but because of the emergency situation, they felt that immediate action was needed and awarded the bid to Snow’s. Justin was present and said they would start on it immediately.

Resolution 2024-1 was approved to amend Resolution 2023-6, which will change the base rate for out-of-city limits culinary water connections from $14 to $7.41 to cover Castle Valley Special Service District’s increase in fees.

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