Newly-Crowned Carbon County Royalty Meets the Commission


The newly-crowned Miss Carbon County royalty paid a visit to the commissioners during their Wednesday evening meeting to introduce themselves, discuss their platforms and complete a scholarship request for August of 2022.

Mini Miss Carbon County Persayis Kennington spoke first, telling the commissioners that she loves serving the community with her royalty sisters and helping where she is needed. She was followed by Evey Leonard, Little Miss, who shared that her platform is Carbon Caring for Kids.

Each royalty member took a turn introducing themselves and their platform, ending with Miss Carbon County Peyton Anderson, whose attendant was unable to be at the meeting that evening. Anderson’s platform is Look Before You Leave; as a child, she was struck with a car by someone that had not been paying attention while driving. Through this experience, Anderson wishes to bring awareness to safe driving.

MeriLynn Tubbs, who is the co-director of the Miss Carbon County Pageant, then stated that they are very excited for the upcoming year. At that time, the royalty members requested the allotted scholarship funds for the pageants in August 2022.

In the past, the commissioners have set aside $1,500 for the Miss Carbon County royalty and $400 for Miss Teen. Tubbs said they would greatly appreciate the continued support for the young women representing the community. The commission then approved the total funding of $1,900 for the royalty.

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