Officer Kelton Larsen Sworn Into Oath at Wellington City Council Meeting


During the Wellington City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 8, Kelten Larsen, USU Eastern’s recent P.O.S.T. graduate, decided to start his career in law enforcement in Wellington City. Officer Larsen, accompanied by family, was sworn into oath of office as Wellington City’s newest Peace Office.

Councilman Larry McKinnon advised that the new kennel licensing ordinance had been updated. Councilman McKinnon stated that he plans on meeting with Wellington Police Chief Tom Kosmack to go over the new ordinance line by line to get his input. Council was provided a preliminary budget for review and will need a finalized budget by June.

One of the bigger agenda items was the need to update the credit card policy for the city. Councilman McKinnon advised council that the current credit card policy was once sentence and extremely vague and felt it was critical that the policy be amended.

He proceeded to go over the amended policy, stating they would be changing the process in which city credit card statements are reconciled at the end of each month. Councilman McKinnon stated that, going forward, each purchase would require a description of purchase to ensure that city funds are being used appropriately.

Council approved the amendment of the new credit card policy.

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