Tuttle Pleads Guilty in Murder of Emery County Man by Soup Can


In July of 2023, Zachary James Tuttle was apprehended in Emery County following the death of a local that was allegedly beaten to death by a can of soup during a drunken argument.

An Emery County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) deputy was dispatched to speak to a 14-year-old child that had called in the incident. This turned out to be the child of Tuttle, who told the deputy that their father had been drinking with another male subject and they began to fight.

When he finished his conversation with the minor, who stated that Tuttle had been trying to convince him to drink and eventually backhanded him before the victim stepped in, he travelled to the scene of the crime to assess the situation. The deputy reported that Tuttle had blood on his hands when he opened the door for him, though Tuttle claimed the blood was his.

According to the deputy, Tuttle was so intoxicated that he needed to be held to avoid falling. Eventually, the deputy discovered the victim lying face-up in a pool of blood, seemingly severely beaten. The deputy reported that he had been advised that a can of soup appeared to be what was used to beat the victim.

Tuttle had a preliminary hearing on May 10, though his attorney, Aaron Wise, stated that it was Tuttle’s wish to waive the preliminary hearing. The court then ordered Tuttle to answer to the charges, which were murder, a first degree felony, aggravated kidnapping, a first degree felony, aggravated child abuse, a second degree felony, obstructing justice, a second degree felony and intoxication, a Class C misdemeanor.

Tuttle pled guilty to murder, in which the charge is 15 years minimum, up to life, in prison. The other charges were dismissed with prejudice. An in-person sentencing has been scheduled for June 26 at 11 a.m. in the Emery County Courthouse.

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