Ordinances, Grants and Donations Discussed by Emery County Commission


By Julie Johansen

Following the approval of the consent agenda, a motion to open a public hearing was entertained and approved to begin the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday. The purpose of the public hearing was to hear public comment regarding the creation and approval of an ordinance establishing certain rules and regulations for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAPO) within the unincorporated areas of Emery County.

This ordinance would help Emery County be in compliance with SB #130 regulating CAPOs in the county. Emery County Zoning Administrator Jim Jennings presented the ordinance to the commissioners and audience, stating that Emery County Attorney Mike Olsen and Attorney Scott Crook have reviewed the ordinance.

Questions and comments were varied from several livestock operators. They included the place presented for the CAPO, services available, number perimeters, property owners and the buffer zone requirements. Members of the community were told that these suggestions and concerns will all be taken into consideration before anything is approved.

Natalie Olsen from the Emery County Travel and Tourism Office then gave the safety minute presentation. She spoke of the importance of standing and walking at hourly intervals for those working long hours at a desk.

Names were then drawn for the $100 Visa safety gift cards. Commissioner Lynn Sitterud reported that in 2021, Emery County employees had only one reportable accident and no loss of time accidents. Employees receiving the gift cards included Clinton Olsen, Valerie Clark, Presley Lavato, Kim Anderson, Tara Payne and Stephanie Mead.

Following this, ten grant application contracts for the county library system were described by Maegan Crosland and ratified by the commissioners. These included reimbursements for postage, digital copies, technology equipment, adult books from a prescribed list, internet hot spots, a facelift for the county library website and more.

Next, several young exhibitors from the Castle Country Classic Livestock Show requested a donation. The request was for $3,500, which is the same amount as last year. The commissioners approved the donation and praised the youth for their participation and the good they are doing.

Crosland, the commission secretary, then spoke on the grant agreement between Emery County and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget regarding the COVID-19 Local Assistance Matching Grant Program. She explained that the county received Community Impact Board funding for the sewer line at the San Rafael Research Center, but the cost of materials has almost doubled, so the AARP Grant will help with the added cost of the materials. The agreement was approved. An agreement between Emery County and the Bureau of Land Management for law enforcement on BLM land within Emery County was also approved.

Approval was then given to an agreement between Emery County and Stoney Jensen as the EMS liaison/consultant and Hollie Smith as the EMS training officer. Both positions are at the rate of $500 per month. The signing of the Lexis Nexis Subscription Agreement for the county attorney’s office also received approval.

To conclude, Commissioner Sitterud announced that Emery Telcom will be creating a video of the San Rafael Research Center to share with the legislature. The commission also plans for the video to be available for county residents to see and understand what is happening at the center.

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