Panthers Slow Off the Blocks


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Pinnacle faced off with Wayne on Saturday with a trip to the Sevier Valley Center on the line. It was slow going for the Panthers, who fell behind 13-4 after the first period.

Pinnacle woke up in the second quarter and matched the Badgers point for point down the stretch, but never could climb out of its early hole. Wayne held on to win 54-46, eliminating the Panthers from state contention.

Cole Barton led the Panthers in points with 12, while Anthony Shumway and Michael Schmitz each chipped in 10 and Jonathan Kessler added nine. In addition, Shumway logged a double-double with his 10 rebounds and three assists. Pinnacle shot a formable 45 percent from the field, but in the end it was not enough for the upset.

The Panthers finished 7-12 on the season and third in Region 23 at 3-5.

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