Panthers Survive Pirate Attack


ETV News Stock Photo by Jamie Swank

The intensity was high on Wednesday night when Green River visited Pinnacle. The Panthers got the jump on the invading Pirates, compiling a 20-11 lead by halftime.

Green River began its counter attack in the second half, only adding to the electric atmosphere. The Pirates continued to gain ground, but eventually ran out of time as the Panthers held on to win 38-34.

Cole Barton led all scorers with 15 points while Jonathan Kessler scored 11. For the Pirates, Bridjer Meadows scored 12 points while Ryker Meadows and Luis Hernandez added eight points apiece.

Green River (7-9, 1-3) will return home to face Caprock Academy (Colorado) (3-6) on Friday. The Panthers (11-5, 1-0) will also play on Friday, but at Whitehorse (6-8, 1-0).

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