Panthers Track and Field Set to Learn, Compete and Have Fun


Coach Sean Sasser is ready to take on the Pinnacle Panthers Track and Field team as his first year as Head Coach. He has been coaching track for five years and his assistants this year will be Logan Kerr, Ray Jones and Mark Stuckenschneider. This year’s captains will be Keira Davis and Madison Sasser.

When asked who his returning team and who the new athletes are, Coach Sasser had quiet a list in response.

Returning are: Keira Davis, a senior that brings a great work ethic. Madison Sasser, a senior who brings a lot of experience and placed well in the region meets, looking for the same this year. Heather Kerr is a junior that brings her desire to do well and placed well in region, looking for same. Kaydence Romero, junior, brings her experience and great attitude. Jackson Shiew is a sophomore that brings his work ethic and desire.

Levi Miller, who is a sophomore, brings work ethic and team attitude. Joey Howell, sophomore, brings a positive and fun attitude and work ethic. Evan Nunez, who is a sophomore, brings enthusiasm and consistent effort every time. Finally, there is Kyson Sayre, sophomore, bringing desire and competitiveness, as well as Diego Contreras a sophomore who brings desire and work ethic.

The coach also shared a list of the new athletes to the team. They are Riley Davis, sophomore who brings desire, Ryker Young, senior who brings great team attitude and Ally Rojas, a freshman that brings a great attitude and lots of potential. Finally, they’re welcoming Jim Lolley, a senior that brings a can-do attitude and willing to do whatever the team needs.

Turning to what the team has done to improve in the off-season, Coach Sasser shared, “Our athletes are from a small school and so most are always participating in other sports such as cross country, basketball, baseball and volleyball.”

When asked to best describe his coaching style, coach Sasser replied, “Constantly learning to help the team improve, put in hard work and you will see the results and have fun, because sports are supposed to be fun.”

“The values of the team are hard work, and that hard work will carry you a long way.” Added Sasser. “My expectations are for the athletes to continue to improve and be competitive in region.”

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