Pirates Battle Through Last Game of the Season


Stock photo by Jamie Swank

The Pirates donned their cleats for the last time this season and welcomed the Mustangs onto their pitch to face-off on Friday afternoon.

Both teams struggled to find their footing in the first two innings, which passed without either teams putting any numbers on the scoreboard. From there, Bryce Valley found their groove and secured five runs in the third inning.

The Mustangs managed to continue to keep the Pirates off the board in the third and fourth innings. In the fifth inning, Green River were successful in securing their lone run of the game.

However, Bryce Valley continued their momentum and earned two runs each in the fourth and fifth. The sixth inning proved tough for both teams, with no runs, but the Mustangs came back in the seventh with two more.

Bryce Valley was victorious by the end of the battle, taking the game 11-1. The Pirates end the season 3-12.

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