Price Citizens Voice Concern Over Vicious Dogs


On Wednesday, the Price City Council welcomed citizen comments regarding a vicious dog complaint on 3rd East. April Rich spoke on behalf of her father-in-law Arlo, stating that the reason they were addressing the council was due to an incident concerning Ordinance 2022-006.

Per the ordinance, a vicious dog is any that approaches a person or domestic animal with apparent attitude of threat. With that being said, Rich explained that over the course of the last several months, her father-in-law and other citizens have had encounters with a few pit bulls.

With Rich’s father-in-law alone, there have been several run-ins where he has been on his own property, in his yard, and was chased up the porch and hit his head. Rich’s sister-in-law had a similar situation and it was said that the dogs were never provoked but still went after them.

This was only a few of many complaints to present. According to the ordinance, said Rich, exhibit one states that if a dog is attacking a person or animal, it is obvious that stipulations need to be put into consideration. The dogs were never found to be confined on their premises and were not defending a human on their property. The citizens in attendance wished to know why the dogs were allowed to remain at the residence.

The citizens of 3rd East in attendance assured that there were many complaints and police reports that were filed. Rich informed the council and Price City Police Chief Brandon Sicilia that she has three young children and she does not feel as if they are safe at their grandfather’s house due to this issue. Furthermore, she fears for the safety of her father-in-law, sister-in-law and the rest of the residents of 3rd East.

Chief Sicilia remarked that he has been familiar with the problem since the beginning of November but was not aware of how many times a concern has been raised. One of the dogs had been taken into custody the day of the meeting and was being held at the Carbon County Animal Shelter.

Under the law, if the owner follows stipulations, they have the ability of getting the dog back and returning it to the residence, unless they choose to relinquish the dog or relocate it somewhere else.

When a dog is deemed vicious, there are a number of requirements that must be met. The dog must be microchipped, have a vicious collar and identification. The owner must carry insurance and have a secure kennel for the animal to be placed in. The animal must also be adequately restrained.

The citizens voiced further concern that the steps being taken were not enough and that the dog is custody is not the only issue. Many of the citizens stated they are afraid to return to their own home, as the dogs are often out and aggressive. It was said that a child had even been attacked by two of the animals and received a bite on the leg.

Chief Sicilia stated that Price City has never deemed a dog vicious before now and that there is a process that he must follow. The owner has been given citations before, according to Price City officials, and is being charged criminally.

Mayor Kourianos stated that he believed that they had garnered enough documentation to deem this a problem. The chief assured that they are going to get loose ends tied up with the other dogs and will report back on the issue following the holidays.

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