Price City Commits to Welcoming and Belonging Proclamation


Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos read the SEUALG/SEUEDD Welcoming and Belonging Proclamation for the council’s consideration during the council meeting that was hosted on Wednesday evening.

Reading from the proclamation, the mayor explained that as a community, we are all looking for ways to celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion. The community would also like to focus on topics such as health and economic prosperity for current and future generations.

Hate and bias are not acceptable and Price is committed to welcoming and recognizing that diversity as a key strength. Through the proclamation, Price will affirm the community’s success is ensuring that all people feel welcome.

It was said that diversity brings fresh perspectives, new ideas and life, and fosters a welcoming environment for all, regardless of language, place of origin, religion, income, gender, sexual orientation and other factors.

Mayor Kourianos then announced the city’s commitment to the proclamation. This was supported and approved by the members of the council, who agreed by signature to commit to the Welcoming and Belonging Proclamation as read by the mayor.

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