Price City Council Focuses on the Fire Department


In December, the Price City Council introduced David Johnson as the newly-appointed Price City Fire Chief. During the meeting that was hosted on Jan. 10, Johnson was sworn into the position.

The council chambers were filled to the brim with support from family members, friends and many members of local law enforcement. Judge Jon Carpenter conducted the ceremony before Mayor Mike Kourianos expressed his appreciation of the support in the room.

“We are very fortunate to have people like you that care for our citizens,” Mayor Kourianos stated, adding that he loved to see other city officials in support as well.

Johnson also expressed appreciation for the support and said that it has been amazing what he has witnessed in that regard so far. He credited it as a true blessing before thanking the council for the help and knowledge that has been passed on.

From there, the council tackled the possible approval of two assistant chiefs within the fire department. Chief Johnson explained that the biggest reason to appoint two assistant chiefs instead of one is to split the work load. He said that those who respond, besides himself, are volunteers and he would like to keep them at home as much as possible.

Johnson said there was a lot of that he could say regarding the office, administration and the items that need to be taken care, but simplified it down to the fact that it would be beneficial to split up the duties.

If approved, the council would simply be authorizing the allowance of the dual positions, which would then be self-selected within the department. The council then approved this item.

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